Sticker with Shiver logo!

Pris: 20Sek including shipping

Super nice hat from Shiver with logo!

Pris: 130Sek including shipping

Pin with gorgeous Shiver logo!

Pris: 30sek including shipping

T-shirt with the head of the "Babagor" + logo

Pris: 169 Sek

(This is just a prototype of the shirt, real picture is coming later)

Beechfield 5 Panel Camper Cap black with Shiver logo

Pris: 100Sek

Beechfield Vintage Snapback Trucker svart with Shiver logo.

Black or purple

Pris: 100Sek

(This is just a prototype)

New merchendise from Shiver!

Hoodie From Shiver with "Babagoor"+logo on the front.

Colors: Black, Dark green, Navy and Purple

Pris: 300Kr


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